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DRYCRETE® MOISTURE STOP PLUS is a user-friendly, environmentally safe, white (clear-drying), non-flammable, penetrating liquid which is non-toxic, with zero VOC.


DRYCRETE®MOISTURE STOP PLUS is a biochemically catalyzed colloidal silica formulation, in an aqueous base. MOISTURE STOP PLUS is user friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly with zero VOC emissions. It enhances curing, by reducing evaporation rate and greatly reducing permeability, while increasing hydration. MOISTURE STOP PLUS comes with a Life of the Concrete Warranty against moisture emission related failures. MOISTURE STOP PLUS is exclusively manufactured and engineered to permanently control moisture levels in concrete.

MOISTURE MITIGATION USE: MOISTURE STOP PLUS is both a curing compound and moisture vapor blocker. It must be applied at the time of pour, as soon as one can walk on the concrete without marring the surface. Once applied, MOISTURE STOP PLUS will penetrate deep into the concrete matrix and permanently seal the concrete from within. After a minimum of 21 days of cure time under forced or open air aeration, the installation of cementitious underlayment or overlay, floor coverings, and/or coatings can be completed.

RECOMMENDED USE: MOISTURE STOP PLUS is recommended as a curing compound and as a permanent moisture vapor blocker, ensuring the longevity of floor coverings or coatings without the fear of internally generated moisture vapor emissions, warranted for the LIFE OF THE CONCRETE. 21 Days post placement and application of MOISTURE STOP PLUS, cementitious or gypsum-based underlayment, bonding agents, epoxy or other synthetic coatings, resilient flooring, tile, rubber, wood or cork flooring materials, and corresponding adhesives can be applied without fear of excessive moisture issues. Other uses include decorative concrete materials,


  • Does not impede surface bond ability.
  • Compatible with all adhesives and coatings.
  • Permanent moisture control – one-time application.
  • Meets ACI 308R-01 moisture curing standards.
  • Naturally stabilizes pH of concrete between 9 & 10.
  • Highly effective in protecting the concrete surface against acid & chemical erosion.
  • Eliminates dusting and increases surface bond quality.
  • No harmful fumes or objectionable odors.
  • Allows foot traffic & trades within 2 hours of application.

APPLICATION: MOISTURE STOP PLUS is applied to newly placed concrete at the time of pour, as soon as one can walk on the concrete without marring the surface. Apply MOISTURE STOP PLUS at an average coverage rate of 220 to 250 sq. ft.per gallon on hard trowel finished concrete.

AVAILABLE IN:  5 Gallon (18.9L), 55 Gallon (207.9L) and 330 Gallon (1,247.4L).

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