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OCERA Evolve


OCERA Evolve Series Stains are eco-friendly, non-hazardous “green” semi-translucent pigmented formulations designed to provide color alteration to residential or commercial concrete flooring. The OCERA Evolve stains are soy methyl ester based formulations which are made from renewable resources making them safer and easier to use than traditional acid stains. OCERA Evolve Stains are nano-pigment based formulations that penetrate very easily and provide beautiful, multiple shades of color while retaining the natural characteristics of the surface. OCERA Evolve Stains contain no UV susceptible dyes, thereby exhibiting high resistance from sunlight. OCERA Evolve Stains contain very minimal amounts of volatile petroleum solvents and do not exhibit any objectionable odors, making them safe to use in enclosed, interior applications. OCERA Evolve Stains contain no waxes which can yellow, discolor or inhibit bond to subsequent applied coating or sealants.


  • Provide highly reliable consistency and complete color control with permanent, high penetrating surface bond.
  • Are formulated with eco friendly renewable resources which qualify for additional LEED credits.
  • Non-hazardous, non-corrosive compositions allow interior or exterior applications with no neutralization step,fast dry, and quick return to service.

APPLICATION: OCERA Evolve Stains can be used for decorative concrete including flatwork, stamped and textured concrete, concrete counter tops, concrete masonry units, stucco, mortar, grout, and most any other portland cement based surface.

COLORS AND FINISHES: The OCEAR Evolve Stain Series are available in 16 standard shades that can be mixed together for additional translucent color tones or effects.

COVERAGE: Coverage is approximately 400-600 square feet per gallon which is dependent on concrete porosity. Coverage will typically be at the higher range for hard troweled or mechanically finished concrete, and at the lower range if concrete is broom finished, very rough or absorptive, or if application conditions are hot or windy. For slightly lighter shades or cost reduction reasons, OCERA Evolve Stains can be cut with water 1 to 1 by volume. For slightly darker hues, OCERA Evolve Stains should be reapplied with an additional coat within 1 hour of the first application.


AVAILABLE IN: 1 gallon (3.78L),  or 5 gallon containers

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