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Floor Shield is a ready to use, colorless, non-yellowing, penetrating, protective concrete sealer designed for use on natural concrete flooring. Floor Shield becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix and chemically hardens the treated surface, thereby increasing its long term durability and wear resistance. Floor Shield eliminates efflorescence, dusting and pitting of the concrete by densifying and reducing open capillarity. Surfaces treated with Floor Shield are more resistant to water intrusion, acids, oils and grease, and are easier to maintain than traditional acrylic, epoxy or urethane sealers. Floor Shield cannot yellow, discolor, chip, peel or flake as there is no surface film that can show signs of wear or abrasion. If secondary floor treatments such as paints, adhesives, or floor coverings are to be applied, Floor Shield is an ideal primer sealer as it neutralizes the free alkali's in the concrete which results in an improved surface bond.

APPLICATIONS: Floor Shield is recommended for indoor or outdoor commercial floors subject to heavy forklift or tire traffic such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, food processing plants, service garages, parking decks, breweries, refineries or bottling plants. Additional uses include high pedestrian traffic floors such as hallways, lobbies, grocery stores, museums, hospitals or schools.


  • Improved wear resistance and surface strength on floors subject to vehicular or pedestrian traffic
  • Provides added water repellency and improved stain resistance
  • Decreases permeability of the surface
  • Applies in one flood coat
  • Provides a maintenance free treated surface
  • Odorless water based formulation
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