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Specially formulated lithium silicate based densifying hardener solution for improving reflectance on polished concrete floors and precast counter-tops.



Diamond Seal Hardener is a specially formulated lithium silicate based solution which is used as a hardening and densifying sealer in polished concrete applications. It is a ready to use, colorless, odorless, penetrating, protective concrete sealer. Diamond Seal Hardener works by reacting with free lime (calcium hydroxide) which is present in the normal cement hydration process. The conversion of the free lime to CSH (calcium silicate hydrate), the principle binder material that hardens cement with the aggregates in concrete, fills any open capillarity pores with additional CSH binder, thereby forming an insoluble bond. This void filling reaction produces a denser concrete which has a smoother, flatter surface that can reflect light more evenly, creating a shinier concrete. Resulting surfaces have been shown to be much more abrasion resistant, which helps protect against wear and possible efflorescence as the open capillaries become more impermeable. Lithium silicate treated surfaces can also help counter the effects of A.S.R. or reactive aggregates when they are present in the concrete.


  • Enhances polished concrete surfaces.
  • Allows greater shine.
  • Resists black rubber wheeled tire marks.
  • Decreased permeability of the surface.
  • Maintenance free floors are easier to clean since the need for waxing is eliminated.
  • Reactive sealer becomes part of the concrete, cannot chip, lift or peel.
  • Most silicate treated floors meet ADA slip resistance testing requirements.
  • Odorless, non yellowing, V.O.C. compliant water based formulation.

COMPOSITION: Water based lithium silicate dispersions with added penetrating agents.

SHIPPING NAME: Concrete Sealer - Water based.


AVAILABLE IN: 1 Gallon (3.78L), 5 Gallon (18.9 L), 55 Gallon(208 L) 265 Gallon tote (1000L) 

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