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Cement based all purpose rapid setting patch mortar, available in a range of set times and color options. Complies with ASTM C-387 and ASTM C-928 Class R-2 specifications for Packaged, Dry, Rapid Hardening Cementitious Materials for Concrete Repairs.


Speccrete® Speccopatch RS is a general purpose cement based patching mortar for concrete and masonry that requires only the addition of potable water for mixing. Speccrete® Speccopatch RS can be shaved to level the repair back to uniform condition and exhibits high compressive and bond strengths, along with good weathering properties. Typical uses are interior or exterior, above or below grade, on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces without forms. Common applications include repairs on concrete pipe, manholes, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, steps, walls, panels, ceilings, balconies, highway applications and related flatwork. 


  • Ideal for vertical and overhead repairs.
  • Excellent trowelability and finishing.
  • 28 day compressive strengths in excess of 7000 p.s.i.
  • Light gray color for more uniform match to substrate.
  • Non shrink.

COMPOSITION: Proprietary blend of cement, water reducers, rheology modifying additives and selected aggregates for improved finishing and trowelability. This product contains no calcium chloride or intentionally added chlorides that contribute to reinforcement steel corrosion.


AVAILABLE IN: 45 lb. bag or pail (20.45 kg), 50 bags / pallet, or 36 pails / pallet

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