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Organic Reactive Stain

Long the favorite of concrete artisans in the decorative concrete industry, reactive acid stains are the oldest and most trusted of all penetrating color stains. Their impromptu color variations and mottling are admired in thousands of completed works throughout the world. As much as we love them, both as applicators and admirers, there has been a gradual degradation of use, due to the inevitable corrosiveness and dangers of the inorganic acids contained in the formulations. Today, Concrete Earth is proud to present the OCERA NOVEL® organic reactive stains, which allow users to enjoy all of the benefits and beauty of reactive stains, with NONE of the toxic fumes, corrosiveness, or environmental adverse impact. NOVEL® stains feature organic, botanical compounds, resulting in the first GREEN reactive stain with maximum LEED credit value.
Available in 10 earthly tones

Water based nano-pigment emulsification with proprietary botanical solvents

OPUS stains are absolutely brilliant and mottled in appearance, easy to apply, and together with our water based sealers, create beautiful, marbleized finishes. The formulation is unique and allows the applicator to be a concrete artisan with ease. OPUS stains are applied by HVLP or airless spray gun, with no toxicity of flammability issues. Completely UV stable with excellent penetration into any porous concrete surface.
Available in 20 translucent shades

Soy methyl ester formulation with nano-pigment technology

Soy methyl ester is a natural, slow drying surfactant and penetrant. Adding proprietary resin compounds and Japanese engineered nano-pigments, results in a rich, textured, yet translucent appearance. The various surface profiles of concrete naturally create a beautifully variegated finish, which often mimics the richness of a reactive acid stain. EVOLVE is easy to apply, allowing excellent color control and absolute forgiveness on over saturation cleanup. These stains can be applied on porous concrete surfaces where LEED credits and environmental constraints demand a deep penetrating stain. EVOLVE stains demonstrate excellent color retention and brilliance on a variety of concrete floors from hard trowel finishes to broom textured surfaces.
Available in 16 shades

Concrete Dye Concentrate

OCERA Color Blast is a unique, GREEN deeply penetrating water based dye concentrate coloring system. OCERA Color Blast's proprietary formulation transforms traditional dyes into water soluble dye solutions. As a result, OCERA Color Blast offers all of the advantages of solvent based dye stains with none of the flammability concerns of using acetone as a diluent solvent during their application. OCERA Color Blast is a sustainable, long lasting, easy to apply and rapid drying coloring system with the highest color intensity in its class. The most striking quality of OCERA Color Blast is that upon drying it reverts back to its hydrophobic nature and will not exhibit bleed out if exposed to water. Humidity and water mitigation will have absolutely no effect on the OCERA Color Blast dyed concrete surfaces.

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 A water based modified polymer acrylic formulation, with very low VOC (> 25 g/l), our ENVIROSHEEN topical clear sealer has an excellent spread rate, very easy to apply, and demonstrated durability. Completely UV stable and with a gloss finish, this is the product of choice for color depth enhancement and glossy reflection.

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