ECOGUARD™ Concrete Grinding & Polishing
DRYCRETE™ Integral Moisture Control
OCERA™ Nature's Colors Eco-Friendly Stains

ECOGUARD™ Pore Filler fills cracks, holes, scratches and hardens the surface all in one. It is a must have to develop the highest quality polished overlayment product.

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ecoguard_pregrind_labelConcrete Earth ECOGUARD™ Pre-Grind is a water based concentrated, non-hazardous biodegradable cleaning and etching compound.

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Concrete Earth ECOGUARD™ Color Infusion is a water soluble concentrate which offers all of the advantages of solvent based dye solutions, with none of the dangers of fumes or flammability issues.


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MaxGloss is a two part system that penetrates into the surface matrix for a permanent protective barrier. It is non-membrane forming allowing you to have a natural protected concrete surface, with extremely high shine and protection.

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Concrete Earth ECOGUARD Densifier & Hardener is a proprietary water base colloidal silicate solution, which is non-hazardous, contains zero VOC's, and creates a permanent integral barrier.

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