In 2010, Concrete Earth was founded as a manufacturer of a complete line of specification compounds designed for concrete and masonry production, maintenance, and repair. These products were marketed through retail distribution outlets throughout the United States, and they include decorative and specialty concrete supply centers, brick and masonry supply dealers, utility supply companies, ready mix concrete producers, and precast concrete producers. 

Even today, Concrete Earth continues to focus on green technologies; the improvement of ergonomics; public safety; and minimization of the environmental impact of concrete placement, renovation, and finishing compounds. We utilize responsible manufacturing standards and earth-friendly products specifically geared toward the decorative concrete industry. 

We specialize in solution-based product systems, placing heavy emphasis on high-performance concrete and moisture mitigation. Our technology is colloidal silica-based, uniquely formulated with a bio-chemical catalyst, with added proprietary performance enhancing compounds, such as anti-corrosion and surface protection.

Our proprietary moisture mitigating systems are branded under DRYCRETE® & INPERVIUS. Our DRYCRETE® system becomes a concrete within the concrete by turning into a 100% solid and permanent gel mass in the concrete, effectively obstructing moisture migration from the underside of the slab for the remainder of its useful life. INPERVIUS provides a more workable, much less permeable, stronger, and more durable concrete without additional changes in mixing, placing, finishing, or curing. 

Our unique polished concrete components, featured under ECOGUARD Concrete Polishing Systems, offer a single source manufacturer for both grinding & polishing diamond tools, related chemicals, and surface protecting agents for long term maintenance. ECOGUARD™ also features exclusive patented forged metal bond diamond grinding cup wheels and high-performance metal and resin diamond grinding elements. Our polishing processes allow contractors to obtain consistent results and reduce labor costs.

As we continue to grow, we are diligently choosing distribution partners in the US and Canada as well as international markets. If you are interested in the opportunities of distribution offered by Concrete Earth, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at (833) 345-5625.