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Concrete Earth's OCERA™ Color Blast is a unique, GREEN deeply penetrating water based dye concentrate coloring system. OCERA™ Color Blast's proprietary formulation transforms traditional dyes into water soluble dye solutions. As a result, OCERA™ Color Blast offers all of the advantages of solvent based dye stains with none of the flammability concerns of using acetone as a diluent solvent during their application. OCERA™ Color Blast is a sustainable, long lasting, easy to apply and rapid drying coloring system with the highest color intensity in its class. The most striking quality of OCERA™ Color Blast is that upon drying it reverts back to its hydrophobic nature and will not exhibit bleed out if exposed to water. Humidity and water mitigation will have absolutely no effect on the OCERA™ Color Blast dyed concrete surfaces.

APPLICATION: The ideal uses for Ocera Color Blast are coloring polished concrete floors, commercial concrete flatwork or decorative stamping exposed to high traffic such as terminals, lobbies, showroom floors, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, malls, as well as residential kitchen floors, and living spaces. Ocera Color Blast can also be used on concrete countertops, polished or sealed with countertop sealers or waxes such as Concrete Earth's Counter Shine Wax.


  • A deep penetrating water soluble dye that becomes water insoluble upon drying
  • Highly concentrated. Formulated to be diluted with seven parts potable water by volume
  • Easy to apply by construction grade pump up sprayer - no acetone resistant sprayer required
  • Sprayer can be cleaned with water only, no hazardous chemicals to dispose of afterwards
  • Deep, brilliant color schemes available in 24 shades
  • Advanced water base technology. No hazardous solvents such as Acetone or Alcohol are needed
  • Environmentally friendly, low VOC GREEN formula qualifies for LEED accredited projects
  • No related flammability hazards during shipping or application
  • Most advanced technology on the market, yet very economical compared to alternative dyes

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