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INSTALLATION-TEST AREA: Because of the wide variation in colors obtained with OCERA Novel™ Series Reactive Stains, a small test application should always be made on the surface to be treated. This should be performed preferably in an area that is unobtrusive and not in the main section of the job-site since sealed surfaces cannot be retreated. The test area should be applied, rinsed and sealed in the same manner as instructed before approving the color and proceeding with full scale up to the entire floor. It is recommended to use Novel™ Stain un-cut or "as is", however it is possible to dilute your chosen stain color with a maximum of 1 part water to 1 part stain for lighter color shades or cost efficiency. Remember that it is easier to start with a partially diluted stain and increase the strength as needed to obtain the desired color. Applying the same stain at various rates of dilution will increase mottling effects and variations in color hue.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Do not use conventional hydrochloric or phosphoric based acid etching cleaners on the floor prior to the application of the Novel™ Stain, as these types of acids can lessen the color transfer reaction and resulting degree of penetration. The use of an organic acid general cleaning solution such as Concrete Earth Enviro Clean & Etch C-30 is recommended for floor preparation for both increasing surface porosity and removing any residual contaminants if present.

NEW CONCRETE: Finish in accordance with ACI specifications and allow to cure for a minimum of 14 days, however a time of 28 days is preferred for best results. Curing should be by water misting only, surface applied curing compounds should not be applied since they will inhibit the penetration of the stain. Concrete to be stained should darken and be able to absorb water when dampened. Concrete floors that are hard troweled, burnished or highly polished may not absorb water, therefore, they may have to be lightly sanded or abraded to approx. 80 grit profile, to open up surface capillarity and allow stain penetration. We recommend testing for water absorbency prior to applying the Novel™ Stain.

OLD CONCRETE: Surfaces must be clean and free from oil, paint, wax, sealers, curing compounds, related surface stains, rubber marks, dirt and laitance. Use Concrete Earth Enviro Clean & Etch C-30 for removing grease, oil, or rubber marks, taking care to rinse the surface completely with potable water afterwards. Use plastic tarps around surrounding surfaces, structures and plant vegetation to protect against Novel™ Stains over spray or contact. Novel™ Stains will react differently on older or worn substrates and will not typically show as strong of an effect as on newer, more absorbent surfaces.

STAIN APPLICATION: Tools and application sprayers and containers must be made of plastic or wood with no metal components. Invert and gently shake Novel™ Stain container several times to eliminate any settlement that may have occurred over time. Apply with a HVLP pump-up plastic sprayer in a small circular motion, or by use of a stiff bristle brush (Orange-Crete brushes are strongly recommended) in between spraying to aid penetration into the substrate. Sprayers can provide a more even finish when used alone, whereby brushes applied in circular motions can create more varied and mottled appearances. It is very important to always keep a wet edge on the applied surface, take care to avoid dry laps where wet stain overlaps dried stain.

REACTION TIME: Dry laps will cause visible lines and must be minimized or avoided. Do not allow the stain to puddle. Some minor fizzing may take place as the Novel™ Stain reacts with the cement surface. When the fizzing stops, do not apply any of this used solution to new uncolored sections of concrete, always apply fresh stain to untreated areas for consistency and uniformity. Do not leave application bucket or tools inside the stained area as they can leave permanent imprint marks on the surface. Do not wash off stain in between coats if a second application is desired for darker effect. Allow the stained surface to cure at least 1-2 hours, then rinse with clean water.

RINSING: Wash the surface with clean water, then wet-vacuum or rinse and squeegee dry with an auto-scrubber. Repeat until stain residue is completely removed. No neutralization chemicals are needed in this step, just clean water. It is very important that the substrate be clean of any residue before applying concrete sealer to ensure proper bond. NOTE: The color of the wet surface will resemble the finished appearance after application of the sealer of choice. Contain the area from pedestrian traffic and allow to dry using circulation fans to speed the drying process.

SEALING: Wait 12 to 24 hours before sealing, making sure that all control joints and corners are dry before applying any sealers. Applying sealers over areas that still contain moisture can cause "blushing" of the sealer which is hard to remove. Concrete Earth Stampsheen 350 (solvent based) or Envirosheen (water based) acrylic sealers are typically used over OCERA Novel™ stain applications for both color enhancement and protection. For added slip resistant finish, add Concrete Earth Spec Grip Slip Resistance additive into the topcoat of the sealer. Our B-40 CR Floor Coat Epoxy coating can also be used for a more durable, chemical and abrasion resistant finish. Follow sealer instructions on both product data sheet and label. Prevent pedestrian or vehicle traffic for 48-72 hours. For interior applications, it is recommended to topcoat the sealer with a high gloss floor polish such as Concrete Earth Diamond Shine Polish, which acts as a renewable wearing surface that will extend the life of the sealer while providing additional protection and easy maintenance.

LIMITATIONS: OCERA Novel™ Stain will not produce a uniform color or appearance! Results will vary unpredictably depending on variations in application technique and texture, composition, and preparation of the concrete surface Novel™ Stains do not hide or cover blemishes in the concrete. Some stains, footprints, defects, etc. may become more visible after staining. Blue, blue/green, or related copper based colors including Rustic Copper, Mountain Mist, and Aqua are to be used for interior only applications since they may darken or blacken over time when exposed to excessive moisture from rain or sprinklers. In interior applications, the sub-grade must be well drained and not subject to excessive hydrostatic pressure or moisture vapor emission rates (over 3 lbs./1000 square feet), which may also contribute to surface darkening of these colors over time.

CAUTIONS: OCERA Novel™ Stains should not be applied if ambient temperatures are below 50°F (10°C) or above 85°F (29°C), or in conditions of high wind and blowing dust. Pozzolanic additives in concrete (such as fly ash, ground blast slag, Novel™ Stains, sealers, and floor finish waxes are not currently approved for use in food contact or food handling surfaces such as countertops or food preparation areas.

WARNINGS: OCERA Novel™ Stains are for use by qualified professional contractors and trained applicators. Although Novel™ Stains are non-corrosive to skin, avoid prolonged skin contact. Wash skin with soap and water if exposed to avoid irritation. Wear splash resistant eye protection and impervious gloves when handling. There are no fumes associated with Novel™ Stains, so no respirator is necessary. However, when Novel™ stains are atomized under pressure, the resulting vapors may prove irritating to some persons, and it is recommended to wear Before using, refer to product M.S.D.S. (Material Safety Data Sheet) for further health and safety information. Keep containers closed when not in use and dispose of accordingly. Keep away from food and drink. Do not take internally. FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY, CALL INFOTRAC 800-535-5053.

FIRST AID: Eye Contact: Flush eyes with clean water until irritation subsides. Seek medical attention if necessary. Skin Contact: Wash skin with soap and water. Consult a physician if irritation persists. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. If victim is conscious, give 4-5 glasses of water, and immediately call a physician / poison control center. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration and seek a physician Immediately.


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